Commercial Benefits

Commercial Benefits of Fresh’n’Smart®

Fresh ‘n’ Smart® is an Advance Interactive Packaging (AIP) Technology that offers growers, packers, exporters and retailers the solution they need, to provide the finest and freshest produce to their customers!

Our entire Fresh ‘n’ Smart® line of products is designed to increase our clients’ produce sales by offering their customers a superior product experience while reducing unnecessary losses and expense through their supply chains.

Technology significantly extends the post harvest life and maintain the hydration of fresh produce with the main benefits being:

  • Superior quality produce at point of sale
  • Improved taste, firmness and sweetness
  • Consistent reduction in weight loss
  • Longer home life for consumer
  • Supply chain loss prevention

Fresh’n’Smart® Applications


  • Maintains optimum freshness up to the point of sale
  • Preserves colour, nutritional value and reduces weight loss
  • Extends selling season, bridges gaps in your production cycle and balances crop flushes and shortages


  • Reduces time sensitive transportation costs
  • Prevents product loss during transportation
  • Reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions


  • Higher quality fresh produce enhances customer experience
  • Reduction in supply and order cycles by allowing higher available stock levels contributing to faster sales
  • Store level loss reduction
  • Maintains produce quality for longer shelf life